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Starting with changes in daily subtle habits,

PAPRIKA hopes to encourage you to BYOB

when shopping to reduce waste of resources.


G e t   a   s m a l l   j u t e   b a g   f o r   $ 8 9   /   
l a r g e   j u t e   b a g   f o r  H K $ 1 0 9  

u p o n   a n y   o n l i n e   p u r c h a s e .


* While stock last. Subject to terms.
*Image shown is for reference only.


PUMPKIN SPICE Large Jute bag



Made of uncolored jute material.

Can be used for various purposes while maintaining a natural look.

The handle uses a cushioned core material that is convenient for both shoulder and hand holding.

Strong and durable, with a waterproof internal coating.

Suitable for outdoor activities.

Can also be used for organising and storing things.

Size : L32 * W19 * H36 cm

Handle Height 8 cm


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N O T E S :


Avoid washing as doing so may cause the product to become misshapen.


Be careful not to rub or scratch the back side with a pointed object.
The surface coating can peel off, or the pinhole can widen to cause a leakage of light.


If this item gets dirty, remove stains by dabbing gently
with a firmly wrung out towel or similar,
then dry in a shaded and well- ventilated area.