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S S 2 1   :   V A N I T Y   C O L L E C T I O N


In the spirit of summer, step out of your comfort zone and experiment with colours. 

PAPRIKA SS21 collection took inspiration from the pastel colours of the season, framing the story of a dreamy summer tale.


The collection features a new hue Serene Blue, evoking the freedom and possibility of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day.


This powdery blue speaks softly but makes a strong statement.


Quilting patterns and matte gold metallic details add a touch of elegance to your daily assembles.



S S 2 1   :   V O Y A G E   C O L L E C T I O N


Even when life keeps us busy, we can enjoy the scenery along the way.

Take the journey to take together with PAPRIKA, to discover new scenarios and take summertime getaway to the next level.


Our fresh and colourful designs are the perfect complements to your outfit and will make laid-back days look refined & minimalist chic



S S 2 1   :   V O Y A G E   C O L L E C T I O N

The idea of beauty is always shifting. Today it's more inclusive than ever.


A more expansive world in which everyone is welcome.


Everyone is beautiful. Because to be bold is to be you.


This season's campaign takes inspiration from the Dai ethnic group.


Their costumes are characterised by tight-sleeved short dresses and sarongs, suited their slim but shapely figures.



S S 2 0   :   W O R K   I T

Stay stylish and professional in comfort.

As remote working continues to be the new normal, take a refreshing spin on an office-friendly look.


An understated neutral outfit will always be a sophisticated option. 

Classic silhouettes with pearl / metallic details make the look more refined and polished in an instant.



F W 2 0   :   U R B A N   C O L L E C T I O N

Inspired by simplicity,  the collection interprets contemporary aesthetics with clean, smooth lines and low-key rich colors.


The iconic P is a symbol of classic, bold & elegance.



F W 2 0   :   T H E   K N O T   C O L L E C T I O N

" She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself. And the world loved her for it."

Classic bucket bag with a modern twist. The contrast colours are pleasing to the eye.


With a leather knot inspired by dancing poses, it's an art piece  to be carried with you all day.



F W 2 0   :   B O L D   C O L L E C T I O N


You are not made to be subtle.

The collection's reflects the brand's mission -


encouraging women to embrace the journey of self-exploration, be brave at the crossroads of life, finding their own style and pursue their dreams.


Chic, modern and eye-catching. Every element of this collection shows great attention to detail, creating a mood of relaxed elegance with graceful ease. 


Let your bags be part of your crew on the journey of self-exploration.



S S 2 0   :   P A P R I K A   x  S m i l e y ®


Smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

A collaboration with the iconic fashion & lifestyle brand, the Smiley® Company.


Based on the concept of spreading happiness, the striking colours add extra personality to the wardrobe. 

From crossbody to bucket bags, all decorated with the iconic Smiley® logo and modern metallic details,


the summer-perfect collection serves to bring out cheerful vibes. 


Carry your own Smiley® to feel pretty, open your mind to more possibilities!  : ) 



S S 2 0   :   S U M M E R   G A R D E N


The conversation between nature and beauty.

Imagine one of those warm summer days, having a picnic lunch amongst the flower fields.


Rendering into a world of floras, the new Summer Garden collection is brought to life with a range of colours inspired by the nature’s beauty.

Classic, elegant and functional.