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Where can I find genuine PAPRIKA products?
Authentic PAPRIKA products are available at our retail stores and official partner websites. Locate a store near you. View the full list or whatapp us .

If you purchase a PAPRIKA product through an unauthorised dealer, you could be purchasing a counterfeit item, which may differ from what was advertised and delivered to you. As a result, you will not enjoy the high-quality standards of our products and after-sales services. Counterfeit products do not undergo our inspection or testing processes.



How to become a PAPRIKA member?


Please visit any of our shop and provide your name & mobile phone number to register as a member. You will receive info on the latest product information, discounts and other special promotions!


Are retail prices on the official website same as the shops?

The price of some products viewed on the official website is different from the store. Both the official website and the store will launch limited discounts from time to time.

For details, please visit our social platform.

  • WeChat @ PAPRIKA
  • XiaoHongShu @PAPRIKA
  • Douyin @ PAPRIKA_CN



Why I receive a message saying my parcel cannot be delivered to SF Locker?


In order to ensure that the handbag will not be damaged during transportation, we use special packaging boxes for protection.

If you purchase 2 handbags or above, please do not select SF locker. The package might exceed the size limit, it might be placed at the nearest EF Locker or SF store, subject to the SMS notification received.


What should I do if I dirty my handbag? How to clean it?


Use a soft cloth and avoid any care products that may alter the finish of your handbag. To help reduce the look of marks on the surface of leather, gently rub in a circular motion.



How do I take care of my PAPRIKA products?
Genuine leather products and metallic accessories can react to humidity and atmospheric agents. This may cause irreversible wear and tear, so we recommend you keep your item(s) dry.
Overexposure to light and heat; direct contact with rain; oil and grease (makeup); alcohol (perfume, solvents); and other abrasive products or excessive friction, should be avoided as colour fading may occur. Care should be taken when wearing lightly-coloured garments and/or when storing products with different colours together as the colours may transfer onto each other.
To keep your bags clean, wipe them with a soft dry cloth. When they are not in use, store them in a protective bag in a clean, cool and dry place.
Do you provide repair services?
Repair services are only available for selected items at PAPRIKA retail stores. We will do our best to repair the faulty item, depending on its condition and reserve the right of charging for addition cost. However, this service is not guaranteed for all types of damages.