Duties & Taxes

PAPRIKA will pay for all Additional Charges including but not limited to any handling charges imposed by the carrier, customs handling charges, Goods and Services Tax and Value-added Tax.

Please note that shipping and handling charges do not account for all Additional Charges.
All items entering a foreign location (outside of Hong Kong) may be subject to customs inspection and the assessment of taxes and duties in accordance with local regulations. 

We are not able to determine these costs at checkout. Please check with your local authorities on your tax responsibilities and rights. 

In the event that taxes and/or duties are incurred and if you refuse to accept delivery of the shipment, you shall be responsible for payment of all return charges, inclusive of any return taxes and/or duties incurred.

These charges will be deducted from the initial payment before a refund will be issued.

PAPRIKA reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein.